Multi Uninstaller

Uninstall Multiple Applications Simultaneously

4.5 stars on Android Market

Multi UninstallerAndroid Market4.5

You can easily uninstall android applications from your phone. Select applications which you would like to remove and click uninstall button.

Search application

There is a search box at the top of the screen so you can easily find all applications that you want. If you are installing lots of applications, thanks to search property you can reach applications quickly.

List applications version’s and size’s

When you open Multi Uninstaller, you can see all installed application list. Also you can view each application size at the right side. There ise an indicator which allowed monitoring mobile device’s allocated memory at the below. The gray area represents allocated storage and green area represents free storage.

Multiple selection of applications

When you open Multi Uninstaller, you can see all installed application list. Each application has a check box for make selection at the right side. You can make multiple selection and uninstall selected applications.

Manage Applications And View Application Details

You can run, show detail information or close applications by clicking on it. You can uninstall, move sd cart, stop or clear data with the option of showing application details.

Sort by application name’s and size’s

When you click Sort button from application menu, you can sort applications ascending or descending by name, installed date or size.

Uninstall applications by one click

After you make multiple selection at application list screen and you can uninstall selected applications by clicking Uninstall Selected Apps button.

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