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App SharerAndroid Market4.8

App Sharer is a perfect application which helps to share applications with your friends. Thanks to this application you can share applications links and apk files.

Multiple selection of applications

When you open App Sharer, you can see all installed application list. Each application has a check box for make selection at the right side. You can make multiple selection and share selected applications.

To share applications’ market links and apk files’

After you make multiple selection at application list screen and you click share selected apps button, you will see operation list and you can share applications apk files and market links by clicking “link and application”.

To email or share via bluetooth applications’ market links and apk files

If selected applications’ total size less than 20 mb, you can share applications via email. If not, you can share selected applications via bluetooth.

Caching option

You can see cache option by clicking settings at menu. When you share an application first time, it is caching then you want to share same application second time it will be shared faster. You can close this option if you want.

Sort by application name’s and size’s

When you click Sort button from application menu, you can sort applications ascending or descending by name, installed date or size.

To run applications

Choose an application and click “Start App” link.

Search application

There is a search box at the top of the screen so you can easily find all applications that you want. If you are installing lots of applications, thanks to search property you can reach applications quickly.


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